Network Administrator
Yogyakarta, Indonesia
4 hari yang lalu

Job Description

Duties and responsibilities include :

  • Operations, management, and development on routers / switches / firewalls (Linux and CISCO / HP / etc. equipment);
  • Hands-on troubleshooting and debugging of layer 2 and layer 3 issues;
  • Participate in the specification and implementation of global networking standards and equipment configurations;
  • Implementing best practices and procedures in all areas of network operations;
  • Guiding and enabling professional development of technical staff
  • Proposing, documenting and implementing processes for reporting, auditing, and management of a global network
  • Document technical procedures, standards, and policies;
  • Deployment and installation of new Telecom connections and equipment (in offices and in data centers);
  • Possibility to work on pager duty 24 / 7;
  • General level 2 / 3 support.
  • Qualifications

    A solid understanding of fundamental and advanced networking concepts and protocols is more valuable than experience with any particular platform, hardware, or vendor.

  • Essential) 5+ years networking experience in a network environment;
  • Essential) Excellent interpersonal and communication - ability communicate in English essential;
  • Essential) Strong organizational, analytical, and project-management skills;
  • Essential) Strong experience with Open Source tools and operating systems (OpenBSD / Linux);
  • Essential) Ability to work under stress and in a 24x7x365 production environment;
  • Essential) Experience with Cisco equipment (router and switch, IOS);
  • Essential) Mastery of networking layers 2 and 3;
  • Essential) Knowledge and experience with equipment / network concepts (Firewalls, proxies, security);
  • Essential) Knowledge of, and experience with, network services and equipment (e.g. BPG, spanning-tree, HSRP, TACACS+ / Radius, VPN / IPSEC, etc.);
  • Essential) Strong experience with TCP / IP protocol / stack and low-level network troubleshooting;
  • Asset) Experience with wireless (Wi-Fi) networking

    3 Good Reasons

    To get the best from our people, we aim to give the best : because we owe our success to our talents and their passion.

    Creating an atmosphere that reflects the company's culture where we value our employee’s expertise, creativity and innovation, we believe this is the key to gain our people’s loyalty.

    1. Creative workplace with international teams of talents!

  • Diversity
  • Modern facilities
  • Fun environment
  • 2. Exciting challenges and rewarding recognitions!

  • Top-rated and international projects
  • Performance-base rewards
  • We value loyalty
  • 3. Continuous learning and career growth!

  • Adaptation to changes
  • Continuous and initial training
  • Career development
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