Android Engineer
Jakarta, Indonesia
2 hari yang lalu

Global Team

Quipper has bases in London, Tokyo, Manila, Jakarta, and Mexico City. Our members across the world work together using GitHub and Slack.

We also place importance on connecting the team members via visits to the offices in each country and seeing one another face-

to-face as well as through a company-wide meeting every other week.

Development Environment for Productivity

The engineering at Quipper is focused on productivity. We often use external services such as Fabric and CircleCI for infrastructure which reduces time and effort to operate, in order to streamline management.

We have a culture that does not tolerate inconvenience and develop tools every day that make our work more efficient.

We're practicing pair programming and code reviews to produce good quality code and collectively improve our engineers skills.

We're also making sure that the code we write are tested thoroughly.

Agile Product Development Focused on Users

In developing a product, we think it’s important to keep improving the overall service by observing the user reactions and making small modifications.

People in marketing and sales, as well as designers and producers also often discuss and review the services on GitHub.

Our engineers and designers go around schools in the world, listen to the voices of users, and seek for a UI that is globally adapted and easy for anyone to use, and a UX that works fast with any line in the world for a more enjoyable learning overall.


S / he will work as part of our global team in designing and developing native applications for students around the world as well as teachers who support them, to provide high-

quality user experience in any given environment for more effective and continuous learning.


Empathy with our mission Distributors of Wisdom and Revolutionizing Distribution of Knowledge , and for our style of engineering

Sufficient experience in developing Android apps


Output activity online as a software developer e.g. blog, GitHub

Ability to design / make proposals to enhance UI / UX usability

Writing functional and unit tests for all of your code

Experience in developing apps linked with Web API

English conversation skills / or desire to improve it

Technologies / Tools we use at Quipper :

Competitive salary

Monday to Friday schedule

Casual dress code

Work with an international team of world class developers

Opportunities to learn various development tools

Health insurance coverage

Full time employment

Free location policy (support for working temporarily from global offices)

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