Site Reliability Engineer
Jakarta, id
6 hari yang lalu

Site reliability Engineer is the role that administers and maintains our scalable and distributed site infrastructure, including load balancers, proxies, web and application servers, SQL and non-

SQL databases, and our data warehouse. You will work with other Site Reliability Engineers and Site Infrastructure Engineers to ensure that our site infrastructure elements scale with our traffic and transaction growth, monitor them, and solidify them for high level of security and reliability.


  • Passion in systems, databases, security, or general site infrastructure
  • Excellent analysis and reasoning of system behaviors
  • Comfortable working with UNIX, cloud environment, and networking (AWS Experience preferred)
  • Having high level of responsibility and strength of character in dealing with problems and incidents
  • Preferably familiar with web servers, load balancers, databases, and security concerns
  • Bachelors' degree in a technical subject from a reputable university.
  • Join our ambitious growing team in building large impact consumer products and services, building real-time and big data systems and platforms, coming up with creative solutions to business and engineering problems, deriving insights from massive amount of data, and transforming industries with technology.

    insights from massive amount of data, and transforming industries with technology.

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