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Pt Dhiya Maharani Couture
Bandung, Indonesia
5 hari yang lalu
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The Opportunity

If you enjoy tackling and crunching numbers and possess the ability to think analytically and critically, DHIYA MAHARANI has a job for you.

If you’re seeking a career in the CLOTHING industry and would like to exercise and refine your skills in accounting, then look no further.

The ideal candidate will be placed in the shoes of a self-motivated ACCOUNTING MANAGER, where they will be actively engaged in CREATING NEW ACCOUNTING SYSTEM and MANAGING TEAM on a day-

to-day basis. We’re seeking someone who is hardworking, adaptable, and willing to learn AND HAS A VERY GOOD LEADERSHIP SKILL.

If this sounds like you, then seize this chance and join us today!

What You’ll DO



Train yourself to become more meticulous. Spot discrepancies at every turn and resolve these errors efficiently.

Anticipate inconsistencies and errors through the flurry of paperwork. Manage various accounts and subsidiaries with confidence.

Become quick on your feet and alert throughout. Innovate and work your way around unique situations and problems that arise daily.


MIN 5 years of experience in accounting roles

A Bachelor’s degree in Finance or Accounting

Familiarity with accounting databases and standard accounting procedures


Experience in preparing financial reports and relevant documentation

Experience in preparing tax returns and tracking financial information

Knowledge and proficiency in accounting technology software and databases such as SAP and other business intelligence software

Expertise in data analytics and advanced modeling techniques

Knowledge of existing, local accounting legislations and policies

The ability to multitask

Strong time management and prioritisation skills

Meticulousness in paperwork management and processing

What we’re looking for in you


A hardworking, genuine personality

Passion for your job

The spirit of a team player

Proactivity and confidence

A willingness to continuously improve and learn

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