Senior Compliance Officer - Product
Citigroup Inc
Jakarta, JW, IDN
36 hari yang lalu

Position Objective :

  • To support the maintenance and growth of consumer business by preventing and minimizing compliance risk and losses that may arise from customers, third parties, and / or employees
  • Major Responsibilities :

  • Supervises GCB Compliance Officers
  • Assists CCCO in ensuring GCB is promptly appraised of policy and regulatory developments
  • Assists CCCO to establish a robust control process in a state of audit readiness by having continuous process in identification and mitigation of risks as well as driving continuous improvement in control assessment and completion of any resultant corrective actions from previous review or identified CAPs
  • Ensures that regulatory control matrix is updated on time and distributed to related units
  • Socializes regulations and advises the impacts of policy and regulatory developments on business operations, products and serviced offered and overall activities of business.
  • Ensures continuous understanding of regulations and how it impacts business and operations in all aspects

  • Reviews new products or activities to be launched by business in relation to compliance with prevailing regulations
  • Reviews renewal of product programs, policies, procedures and other similar documents
  • Establish balance relationship with regulators
  • Provides responses to regulators queries on time and assists units in furnishing the queries
  • Ensures regular and / or from time to time reports submitted to regulators at the proper time
  • Coordinates audits conducted by regulators
  • Provides assistance in coordinating Legal and Compliance Meeting
  • Provides response to regional queries
  • Active engagement with Regional Product Compliance to seek guidance on best practices, identification of key risks, developing mitigating controls and adequacy of regulatory in IA CAPs as well as to support a pristine control environment to help deliver a Cleaner Year for Citi
  • Management Responsibilities :

  • Managing performance and developing Compliance Officers to drive good results
  • Managing time and leave of Compliance Officers to make sure that Compliance activity can still run well
  • Building good relationships with regulators and other units in Citi to support other units’ activities
  • Supporting the implementation of action plan arising from feedback of VOE surveys
  • Accountability / Scope / Complexity :

  • Accountable to understand Citi policies, procedures as well as local regulations
  • Accountable to provide GCB Compliance role and responsibility effectively
  • Qualification :

  • Bachelor’s Degree required, with at least 10 years of work experience in compliance advisory specially in banking area (experienced handling the corporate segment is an advantages)
  • Strong research and analytical skills are a must
  • Ability to process large amounts of information quickly
  • The candidate should be adaptable to change and willing to work in a fast paced environment
  • Fluent (read / write) in English is a must
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