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JAKARTA, Java, Indonesia
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Essential and optional requirements


The Sales Manager’s mission is to primarily promote the Hotel and where possible (especially government), hotels belonging to the chain in his / her area / region.

To achieve optimal sales at the best possible conditions for the company.

To ensure the smooth running operation of the commercial section in consultation with the Director of Sales & Marketing on all matters.

The performance of the Sales Manager will be determined solely by the productivities of the corporate section as well as the overall results of the Hotel.


The Sales Manager performs his / her duties within the framework defined by the chain and hotel norms and by internal regulations as specified by the Director of Sales & Marketing.

The Sales Manager will also be responsible to the Director of Sales & Marketing for the Corporate Section and all Sales Personnel within the section.

To assist the Senior Sales Manager on other delegated duties, e.g. organizing cocktails / events etc.

Assist in drawing up the marketing plan annually with the Director of Sales and Marketing (including section on Corporate Accounts).

Keeps a record on former, existing, potential clients and a profile of each of them.

Organizes regular visits in accordance to a predetermined plan.

Prepares a tentative monthly schedule to record all sales and other related actives for the preceding month.

Presents a summary of his / her visits to the Sales Manager on a weekly basis (Weekly Sales Plan) prior to and after the week is completed.

Prepare and collate the monthly reports and other related information. (MIS Report).

To prepare and submit a weekly report on the information gathered about our Hotel’s competitors.

Ensures that the invoicing effectively corresponds to all services agreed upon and rendered.

Ensures that all new clients have no negative credit references.

Records all daily sales calls.

Records the statistics of his / her accounts.

Submits production reports on his / her list of accounts on a monthly basis.

Conducts group briefing to other staff within the corporate section when required.

The Sales Manager is familiar with the operation and application of the Hotel’s computer / data processing system.

Prepare and collate the monthly reports and other related information. (MIS Report).

Keeps himself / herself well informed about the operations especially in key departments (Front Office, Housekeeping, Food & Beverage, Banquet, etc.)

Sets currents rates as charged by the Hotel in conjunction with the Director of Sales & Marketing and Sales Manager.

Closely observes matters pertaining to competition (sites, prices, services offered on a regular basis quarterly or more often if need to be).

Promotes the Hotel as often as possible through entertaining, conduction, site inspections, presentation, etc., of the Hotel.

Pays visits to former, existing and potential clients in view of entering into contracts with them, especially commercial accounts.

Anticipate the volume of business, taking into consideration the occupancy of the Hotel, the holidays, the weather, the activities in the Hotel, and the community in general.

Defines precisely guest requirements and ensures that the guest services offered corresponds effectively to their requests.

To achieve targets by increasing room night production and the average room rates as set by the Director of Sales, Marketing & Distribution.

Maintain and update vital information of companies, contacts, profiles and database into the Fidelio system (PMS).

To collect and share all information of the Hotel’s competitors with the Superiors and team members.

Provides after-sales service and in particular to ensure all guests complaints are taken seriously and discussed with the respective departments if necessary.

Receives any important guest in the Hotel whom he / she has approached.

Negotiates prices with the clients.

Confirms verbal proposals in writing.

Ensures that all complaints have initiated follow-up action.

The Sales Manager organizes meetings with professional people especially clients & people in a position to publicize the Hotel.

To offer entertainment and have discussions / meetings with clients.

The Sales Manager maintains contacts with all the other departments of the Hotel and may have contact with managements at the regional level.

The Sales Manager maintains and ensures the smooth running operation of the Commercial Section.

Candidate must possess at least Primary / Secondary School / "O" Level in Others or equivalent.


Working procedures are simple and thorough.

The uniform is relaxed and comfortable.


Extended multi-skill training designed to create all-round.

Sociability and accessibility

Hotels on the human scale : every manager is accessible to staff and leads his or her team as a family.

The customers are accessible, the contacts are numerous and pleasant.

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