Senior Business Partner
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Position description 1.Prepare and share various procedures related to HR-Admin & Industrial legal requirements (e.g. employee claims related to accident, resignation, retirement etc.)

2.Preparing and finalization of sub-contracting agreement for subcontracted employees / deliverables in contract.

3.Ensure safety mandatory requirements are included in subcontractor agreement

4.Ensure and list out all statutory / legal compliances w.r.t. requirements of government rules / regularities

5.Timely negotiation and renewal of sub-contractors manpower supply agreement.

6.Ensure timely release of wages / salary by subcontractor to their employees

7.Ensure any claims raised by sub-contractor / employee is being settled within timeline as per procedure.

8.Coordinate with government officials as and when required to complete the mandatory documentation as per government rules

9.Plan HR & Industrial legal compliance audit

10.Execution of audit and follow up for recommendations / Non-compliances closure discussion with respective Plant Manager / Contract Manager /

8.Business and Customer focus Requirements Minimum Degree in Legal or Human Resources 5 - 8 years in Human Resources in Industrial Relation.

Contact person to give further information please make sure to attach your most update resume. further question please address to IDVacancy

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